Saturday, August 1, 2015


Time. We talk about it all the time. We should hang out sometime. You can call me anytime. I remember that one time. Time flies. Time heals all wounds. It will happen when the time is right..

      We the people that form the extremely imperfect union of humanity put a lot of pressure on time. 
My favorite mind boggler to brain about is God's timing. While perfect- it is totally unknown to me and fully known to Him. I don't know what His timing computes as-but I imagine it runs somewhere close to Hawaiian time. 

We want time to slow down, but we countdown to an important event. In other news: The Scalfs has been having quite a good time lately. We spent a month in Key West (We=Me, Tia and babes) while Trey came back and forth to work and do the adulting in Denton. Meanwhile I drank Mai-Tais on the beach with an umbrella and beach service from my chair overlooking the- oh wait. I have babies. So let's be real, although my trip didn't look like the aforementioned scenario I still enjoyed it and appreciated it more than words can say- but I was the momager. Keeping the peace with two teething babies requires planning, but not a miracle. I just try and take the time to pack well and be prepared for everything, every time

Play time in Key West

First taste of ice-cream 

First taste of ice cream

Sink Baths

Dad and the mahi mahi

Trey's surprise for me!


Trey's tattoo #2

AM Family time on the pier

He's still the one...

Last dinner at Pepe's

Swimming babies

Happy BD to me

Birthday Flowers

Lettuce Turnip the Beets

Birthday Flowers



Hogfish Bar and Grill

My little flower child
First pizza crust

Higgs Beach-Last Day

Leaving the Keys

Lunch at Zaxby's

Since I have become a mom I am hyper aware of how quick the time goes-mostly because we are busy all the time.(See what I did there?) But one of the interesting thing is how riddled with timing raising kids has become. We count down the days until baby arrives and then we count the weeks, months, years of their lives and we wrap our lives in TIMING..etc etc.

 Time plays an integral part in child development. I have SO ENJOYED #dembabies taking their time to crawl. Dru is all over the place since July 26. He is still technically doing more of a slither but he is fast and in the last few nights has been rocking on his hands and knees so his full on crawl should be happening soon. I was not concerned that he wasn't crawling yet because I have SO enjoyed him staying put right in my arms where all is right in my world. Moms are always posting about how time is going too fast, and time should slow down so I am O B S E S S E D with taking in every sniff, every snuggle, every hug, every lean, every kiss, every smile, every giggle E V E R Y day. This creates a more manageable environment for me in which I don't feel like time is flying by me. I force myself to be present in moments so that I can take mental snapshots of my baby girl putting her chubby little hands on my face and smiling a big toothy smile and my little boy shyly resting his head on my shoulder when a stranger gives him attention. Roxy isn't ready to crawl yet and I am just fine with doing things in her own time.

Here's a bit from the babies' 8 month Photo session. I love documenting these moments.

So- until next time. xoxo

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