Tuesday, July 21, 2015

33 re: ME!

Yesterday I celebrated 33 years of somehow keeping it together. There were some times I wasn't so sure, but then- who is? So in no certain order here are 33 things about me or that I have learned since July 20th, 1982.

  1. I want to be just like Jesus, except a girl. 
  2. Forgiveness goes foreverrrrrrrr...(you get the idea)
  3. My hair does not get brushed everyday.
  4. My husband is a good kisser.
  5. I love to smell and sniff things. 
  6. Lists are my love language. 
  7. I hated being pregnant, but loved my bump.
  8. I love Denton Texas USA
  9. First world problems are my kind of problems.
  10. My family means so much to me.
  11. I love how big my circle of friends has grown.
  12. Hospital food is bad, cardiac unit food is worse.
  13. A good talk with one of my friends cures any bad mood.
  14. I like to have and throw and plan parties.
  15. I need lots of alone time to be emotionally healthy. 
  16. I H A T E talking on the phone.
  17. I love to plan, pack and travel with my babies. 
  18. My husband makes me laugh so hard.
  19. My hobbies include: momming and adulting-oh and funning. 
  20. Love knows no gender requirements. - that. is. truth. 
  21. I keep it very cold in my bedroom. 
  22. I rarely shave my legs. 
  23. I am enjoying every baby stage with the twins.
  24. Even though I don't work right now, I am so glad I got my degrees.
  25. Bullies don't stop when you grow up, they're everywhere. 
  26. I don't like to drive but I prefer to drive--does that make sense?
  27. Second chances are a must.
  28. My spirit can sustain many blows.
  29. Counseling is good for everyone. 
  30. I am not very girly, but I like diamonds and pretty nails. 
  31. Less is more. (except with money)
  32. Soft sheets are everything.
  33. I LOVE being a wife and mom. (Yeah, I'm that girl)

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