Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy BD to My Babies- a short,mellow drama.

I promised myself I would share my birth story before #dembabies turned 1.

Here's how it went down...

I was 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I had been battling gestational diabetes fighting a diet and finger pricks and shots of insulin. My body hates me so naturally I wasn't responding to the insulin. My blood pressure had become a little erratic and I wanted to D I E.

[Sidenote: To ME, pregnancy is its own form of torture. I was sick all day every day for 4 months and after that felt like my guts were going to burst through my vagina at any moment, any step, any cough. I honor those women who have had many pregnancies and loved it and I pray for those who wanted pregnancy and haven't had it. But for me? I was not a good pregnant pupil.]

While I was visiting the hospital for a NST (non stress test) my doctor decided to keep me for observation because of all the fun things my body was doing. The babies were healthy but he wanted to watch my blood pressure and check my protein to rule out preeclampsia. I cried like a baby when he told me he was going to keep me for a few days. I had never slept in the hospital and I couldn't sleep as it was and I didn't have my hospital bag, dangit! 
My last picture of my bump @DRMC

Fast forward 4 days and many ADA (American Diabetic Association) approved meals later Dr A came in for my daily sonogram. I am not going to lie- I was looking for any way to speed up this whole labor and delivery process and I know he wanted me cooking for a couple more weeks, at least 5 more days. At last check both babies were head down and vaginal delivery was a possibility. After a quick check Roxy was transverse and Dru was a bit low on fluid. The low fluid was enough to move forward with a birthday (SQUEEEEE) but there was a possibility that I could labor and deliver Dru and still have to have a C section to get Roxy out. #strikethat

My BF Gigi showed up to love on me and braid my hair. Meredith and Ashley (two of my friends who happen to be deaf) showed up and provided me with some much needed distraction while the nurses hooked me up to fluids.

When we started rolling into the OR I had a calm come over me. I knew I was going to be medicated, I knew I had taken good care of my babies while they grew and I was so excited to meet them that day!

It was all fun and games as I lifted my dead legs onto the operating table and the numbness spread to my chest. I remembered my cousin telling me to breathe through my nose so I could monitor my breaths. I don't know if I did that but I did say the Lord's Prayer at least 90 times.

I think funny little nuances are what really makes a birth story memorable so you should probably note these few things:

-I got shaved... with visitors...even the  birth photographer was present.
-We smuggled a styrofoam cooler full of ice into the Operating Room (for us to steal our own placentas)
-We smuggled two placentas out of the the operating room to be encapsulated.
-I thanked God for the curtain.
-Saved by the anesthesiologist. S A V E D.
-Guts in a bucket. #thingsyoucantunsee #poortrey
-dark comedy in the recovery room with Gigi. #neveradullmoment
-TWO healthy babies. THANK YOU JESUS.

Our first moment of togetherness!

BF, baby, hubs- LOVE LOVE LOVE

The pain that I felt after the surgery was intense. The nurses told me that sometimes air gets trapped in your chest and it creates sharp pain in your chest. THAT was what hurt me the most. Not the incision. I'm not embarrassed to tell you that I was excited to see my belly. I hadn't seen my toes in months but who cares? I made Gigi take a picture of my belly while in the recovery room. They pretty much take the babies, everyone leaves. (My husband and the photographer-but not the Anesthesiologist bless her) They put your guts from the bucket back into your body and *fingers crossed* it all goes back into place and they sew you up. The hit me on the wall on the way into "recovery" but I just laughed because-drugs.

Gigi ran in after I had been lying there for a while wondering when I would see the babies and showed me a ton of pictures and loved on me and told me all what was going on with them. They needed some oxygen for a while and feedings through a tube- but they were healthy and they were amazing and they were HERE! 10/11/14

Welcome to the World Little Ones!

Daddy Prayed

I stayed in recovery for another hour and was transferred back to my room. I had pressure cuffs on my legs, two IVs, a stomach full of stitches, hella pain in my chest and my boobs were aching and filling like crazy but their request was "get some rest". (Insert obvious eye roll here)

Twelve hours of pain meds, prayer, tears and 'rest' I finally met my babies for the first time. Trey and I skinned to skinned until they kicked us out. It was a beautiful morning. 

Daddy and Roxy

Me and Dru
My first hold on the outside. 

I could tell this story a thousand different ways but NHance Photography pretty much nailed it.

Password to see this very personal experience of a lifetime is: dembabies

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