Thursday, June 25, 2015

travel days/father's ways

#dembabies are sleeping so my head is spinning with things to do and thoughts to share.

Half of our crew leaves Monday for the month of July. Trey and the boys will meet us there and we get to have a fun little detour on the way! #destinorbust I didn't want to do the ACTUAL math/spatial reasoning it would take to try and fit a month's worth of baby stuff on a plane so decided to the dreadful drive with my trusty nanny.

The speed with which the babies are growing does not fit into my little "it's time for this"-box. Therefore the need for 2 sizes of clothes for each baby needs to be packed up...and pretty much everything that makes our days run smoothly. (nanny included) With a little help while I nap, I become a very accomplished human being. I couldn't do it all without help. That being said I am packing a bag for the stopover in Destin (me and the babes) a bag for me and a bag for them for Key West. I use the term "bag" VERRRRYYY loosely. We are talking ridiculously sized suitcases fit for giants. That doesn't begin to cover walkers, jumpers, stroller, high chairs, toys, books, diapers, cribs! (I can't even( shoes...ahhh- you get me, right? Let's just say I have been doing a fair amount of talking to Jesus and "wooo-saahhhhh"ing lately.

Father's Day came and went and it was a very busy weekend. Trey asked for BBQ so that is what he got. Allow me to gush for a moment. Trey doesn't get to do "regular" dad duty. I know that means something different for each of you. (Some of you have a very hands on husband or father who helps with dishes and cooking and laundry. Some of you have hubbies who come home from work and don't do d@#k. I mean- I'm sorry if that sounds crass but there is no nicer way to say that you come home from work and get your full-on chill on and that is NOT OK.)

So Trey. He comes home from works, barely has time to roll his sleeves up and jumps in. I try to have the babies fed before our dinner so we have a chance of actual chewing vs. inhalation of the food- so when he gets home I am usually feeding them and finishing up dinner. We do baths every other night and he is right beside me scrubbing and singing and signing! He changes just as many diapers and gives just as many bottles as I do. We lotion and pj and bottle and rock and put to bed- side by side. He prays over our babies every night as they lie down and I bustle with my OCD night things.
He is my bestest friend and lover and his heart for God? Wow. So I just wanted to take a second of today and tell him- he is the best daddy I could have ever imagined to share in the whole twin experience- oh and the almost dying thing. Thanks for pushing through that. WHEW! But seriously- thank you for walking beside me in this crazy ride and having so much fun with me along the way. I love you!

And guys? If I love Jesus and watch my mouth I won't ever have to be the future former Mrs. Scalf.
(Little inside joke there. #goeswithoutsaying #iamanerd)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

8 month musings

My mommy age is 8 months. I have lots of experience from early in life- but this? This is what really really counts.

 As I type this I have one very happy, thoughtful, patient, shrieking girl in my lap. She says "mama" and every wall I have ever built comes tumbling down and I melt into a puddle of pure love. Her fat rolly poly arms are my favorite- second only to her huge, whole-faced smile. She is precious- not only because God created her and picked her specifically for me- not only because she couldn't be more loved by me and her daddy and her brothers and her family- but because her spirit is pure and kind and gentle. As often as I can I try to revert back to seeing things through her eyes- simple and real. She creates in me a want to be a better mom, a better woman and a better friend. She looks at her brother with her big blue eyes so thoughtfully- she knows he will get his needs met first because he is more vocal and she assures him with her gentle stare that she will wait..She will smile in a towel, or a swimsuit or a carseat- she will wait for Dru to go first. She reaches out to hold his hand when he's sad and she looks at him with a concerned sister look when he's crying or doesn't feel well. She gently reaches for her Daddy's beard to show that as the hours of the day went by- his face was never far from her mind. She nuzzles into his arms and sinks into the crook while she infiltrates every part of his daddy being and wins him over, for good..over and over again.

Dru has been a fighter from the day he was born. He took a little slower to some things than Roxy did. He struggled with a few blips at the hospital but you would never know it now. Dru is the epitome of joy. He is never greedy with his toothy grins and when his laugh fills my ears my heart overflows into my guts and what was once a love puddle is now just a big ole pile of feels. Dru doesn't stop. He kicks and jumps and flails and hops and smiles and laughs. He loves to be on the move. (See pre-partum discomfort) Two weeks ago, at swim lessons, Dru leaned over and grabbed his sister's head and went in for a kiss- mouth open wide and tongue out. I have never felt joy like this before in my life. All the "yeah yeah yeah" I did before I was their mom has transformed into a "no-for real." Dru sits in the stroller as we push him through airports and festivals and malls and he creates relationships with people on the go. Most of the time they don't even bother to look up at me- they are mesmerized by his long dark eyelashes and the grins he gives for just looking his way. He makes peoples' day and I have absolutely nothing to do with it. This is why I fell in love with his daddy. He can make my day just by seeing his real smile. Both of my guys- so gorgeous- I mean. Come. On.

#dembabies are going to be 8 months old tomorrow and yes it seems like it's going fast and yes I want time to slow down but mostly? I'm just happy to be here. I'm happy to be a part of this. I am happy to be daily pouring into 2 humans that will be raised to pour into others. I am happy that they bring so much joy not only to our little family at home but to their grandparents. OH MY. They bring so much joy to my mom and Dad and Trey's parents.  I enjoy watching the special relationships form and the smiles and laughter. I love watching how our parents LIGHT UP around the kids and suddenly they are the best versions of themselves too. It is crazy how that happens.

I have done my due diligence to read and study and dig and get in line with the best way for me to raise our little family 2.0. Trey has done this before- his daddy age is 21 and he is still growing and going with the flow and bettering himself as a parent. I hope to still be trying to be a better parent when #dembabies are 21. Until then I will just be the best version of God's vision that I can and still give myself grace when I mess up along the way.

For now- I have a patient little girl who needs to play with mommy and a big toothy smiling boy waiting to get up from his nap.