Friday, April 17, 2015

Departing from DFW

All babies are not created equal. I get it. Trey and I joke that because I had CHF after the babies were born perhaps our "luck" is up in having easy tempered babies. They are seriously EASY. They smile and sleep on the plane, they've slept through the night since about 9 weeks and they ALWAYS poo. I know that isn't magical but it IS a pretty important "mom thing" and is talked about a lot-I mean-articles, Facebook posts, mommy blogs-a lot. They are generally "not a big deal" kind of babies. Don't get me wrong, #dembabies are a big deal to me. Daily activities or lack thereof they are just pretty laid back..this obviously comes from having two V laid back parents.

There are certain things that have made traveling easier for our family and we have enjoyed about 5 different hotel trips since Roxy and Dru were born. We have gone out of the country and out of the state and all around.

First. Naming your child after your husband and his father is amazing. Fact.Checking in at the airport when 2 people have the same name, neither of which go by that name, is not amazing. Interesting point with twins is that you can not sit two babies in the same side of the aisle on the same row. This is some regulation of sort, and because of the number of oxygen masks. So we split the aisle when we bring our show on the road, but haven't had any problems since.

There are 2 obvious ways to get the babies to the plane, the stroller- which can then be checked at the gate..or wearing/carrying them. Imagine carrying a wriggly, worming, spewing 20 lb butterball and you'll get my drift.  The next time we fly we will take the car seats on the plane for the Scalf Family Sanity plan. There are a million reasons why flying with babies in the seat is safer but for us the last few times were just easier when holding them in our lap. Here is an article about baby plane safety stuff from the NY Times that I found intriguing, I also found it after our last flight.(fail)
 Car Seat Safety read I digress. Because we bought a new stroller that doesn't fit our car seats (I'm sure there are attachments available but I am sure that I am not wanting to spend another 150$ buying car seat stuff) we will be carrying the car seats and our carry ons,pushing a stroller and two babies (because it's awesome AND we feel like the beating put down on our luggage is lessened when we check it at the gate) and inevitably will be stopped at least thrice for questions about the babies- no matter how late we are running.
Sidenote: If you have water in your diaper bag for bottles just tell them at Security TSA check. They let you carry just about anything you need within reason for babes. We had bottles that had water in them, liquid formula, powder formula, baby food, sanitizer etc with no problems at any airport. You take off your shoes and hold baby and then you get your hands swiped for bomb residue. If you're super lucky and late like us, you show positive for that residue and get to be felt up by hundreds of strangers while holding your baby and waiting 15 minutes for a female officer to show up.

The babies needed no documentation except for leaving the country- so they have passports. It blows my mind- but they do. The passports don't expire for 5 years so when they are five how will Immigration really know if they are the people in the pictures?? They won't! That's bad baby security. Again, digressing.

At the hotel, I always set up a changing table like at home. This just makes sense for us because we change so many diapers everyday. It is usually a luggage table and I put down our changing mat and line up our supplies. I think it helps the baby have that normalcy of changing time, which for us is a time that we get lots of coos and giggles at home.

Bedding. Find out what kind of bed they will supply for you and bring clean bedding from home. I always replace what they have with my blankets and sheets and the babies have NEVER woken in the night when were out of town. I never travel without our noisemaker either. This helps with the night sound normalization. If what they see is different, I want what they smell and hear to be the same. Also, be sure to bring the lotion and whatever else is part of your routine so they can be comfy to sleep through the night. If they are normally co-sleepers, co sleep. If they're normally crib sleepers, get or bring a pack and play- but don't choose the out of town time to try something new or something new will happen for you and you won't catch a wink. I bring multiple blankets and keep them all wrapped up in luggage so I can switch out every couple of days and keep it smelling like home.

We showered babies with us and used the washcloths that come pre-soaped which made showering them so much easier. I take about 4 changes of clothes for each baby, each day- this seems like a lot. Ok, it is a lot but I am like a Mommy Scout- always prepared. Bring lots of diapers and wipes to save yourself the hassle of a store run on any vacation. Bibs and socks and bows and hats. Random stuff that is often forgotten- don't forget it. Easier said than done right?

Travel on Babies and Mamas!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy Half BD to #dembabies

I operate somewhere between complete calm and total, complete, calculated chaos. I don't let much fly under the radar in my home but I have lots of grace. A tired mom NEEDS lots of grace.

Today is the baby's half birthday. Six months of pure success and I can't wait for more! more! more!  I try to be an educated parent in the way of educated, diplomatic parenting- but I also just want to raise my kids to be like Jesus. I want them to see someone hurting and hurt with them, see someone laughing and smile because they are happy..most of all? I just want them to BE happy and KNOW where their destiny lies.  I try to speak life into Dru and Roxy everyday. I tell them who they are because of who God says they are. They are loving, peaceful, faithful, joyful, good, gentle, patient, kind and have self control. The more I speak that into them the sooner they will know who they are. I just want them to be like Jesus.

Some 6 month stats??

Dru- Mr. Brown eyes (they changed!) has 2 lower teeth, almost rolls over from back to front but is totally uninterested in rolling from front to back, LOVES to jump jump jump in his jumper toy contraption, coos and gurgles and laughs and recently learned to spit. He sits in the Bumbo but isn't quite into sitting up on his own just yet. He eats everything in sight (all the fruits and veggies) and anything mushed up from our dinner plate. During meals we can't feed him fast enough. Dru literally has a 4:1 ratio on Roxy for spooning in. Dru longest sleep is a 12 hour stretch and requires a good cuddle prior to and after said sleep.

Roxy-No teeth just yet, rolls over from front to back, loves to chill in her exersaucer and watch her Brubby go crazy with the jumping. Roxy's main activity comes from talking. (She's my girl!) She has found her voice along with every octave imaginable and zero volume control- I love this. She is loud and proud and I wouldn't have it any other way. She JUST laughed for the first time at me yesterday. She has been happy cooing for a while but no real giggle. Yesterday was a real treat and she laughed at me! I think I was happier than she was! Roxy eats everything but is much slower in pace than her brother. She is not a fan of green beans but open to pretty much everything else green and all the rest of the fruits and veggies. Roxy's longest sleep is about 10 hour but she takes longer naps during the day. Both babies are taking about 3 naps a day that range from 1.5-4 hours in length. <---SHUT UP, I KNOW!! Roxy has the bluest baby blues and the fairest of skin- so pretty- and she's starting to grow hair!!

So- that's #dembabies in a nutshell. More to come about our trip to Punta Cana and my tips for traveling with babies.

Peace and love my friends!!