Thursday, January 29, 2015

We made hot IVF love..

Ohhh IVF. You painful but incredible S.O.B. (I warned you of other acronyms.)

After an HSG, a test to check my fallopian fertility or lack thereof, my options were thinning. I only had one tube that opened and a problem with ovulation. I didn't. That was a problem.

I tried the old fashion route of tracking ovulation and used those wonderful little calendars that help you track days but none of it would matter in the end because though we were faithful, our attempts would be fruitless. In short, we had all the equipment to bring a child into the world we just needed a little help with the process.

Of course I was NEVER hormonal about all of our trying and failing and wondering why my body wouldn't do what it was supposed to. This NEVER caused me to be fussy or ridiculous (huge eye roll AT MYSELF) Bless my husband's guts.

If you don't know my husband (I will gush about him now) then you should. He's the kind of guy that everyone would be blessed to know. He will go to the furthest extent to have someone's back and lift them up. He has a smile worth a million bucks and a generous heart to match. I honestly got exactly what I asked for when I asked Him for a husband. He is classy and handsome and brilliant and funny and the best dad to all of his kiddos. I could blog every day about all the wonderful and loving things he does for me and how he takes care of me and this family in every way- but that would get boring and plus- no one likes a braggart- so I'll just spread it out and be more subliminal with my gushing.

My doctor (I will gush about him later) referred me to Fertility Specialists of Texas and we began the process of trying to get pregnant. We consulted with the fertility doctor ( I will gush about her later) and agreed that our best option would be to go through with In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. Other options included an IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination but the chances are much greater and more variables can be controlled when doing the IVF.

My husband and I like to travel and after a few rounds of birth control we had to remain close to home because my levels had to be monitored very specifically. Shots in the stomach, several doctor appointments a week and we kept careful watch of each follicle obsessing about their measurements, grade and the perfect time for THE shot. THE shot is the GO shot. It's the shot that makes you ovulate so that you can have eggs extracted at the proper time. THE shot for GO time came and went and the doctor was able to get 17 viable eggs. A short time later the transfer occurred and I was in a bit of pain. When we pulled the GO trigger I dropped a ton of...well let's just say I laid hella eggs.

 Oh the bloat!! That was the most uncomfortable I had ever been. Notice here, since that time I faced much greater discomfort and pain- but it still sucked at the time. We were also purchasing a home and closed on it THE same day as the embryo transfer.

The embryologist walks in with our first baby picture. Two perfect little embryos ready to grow in the proper environment. Trey and I both laugh at this handsome doctor because we are excited but also because I had shared with Trey that I had to be put under anesthesia with my crotch in the air with this FABIO in the room. The joke went on (of course credits to Trey) that if one of the babies looked a little darker- we know who to point fingers at- but don't look at me, I was unconscious. Oh the jokes that have survived since that day.

My favorite part of the entire experience was being able to pray with Trey and my Doctor before the transfer. My sweet doctor circled up, held our hands and SHE prayed for perfect placement and healthy growth of the small life form. Thank you JESUS for that moment. Just like Romans 8:26 says the Spirit helps us in our weakness when we don't know what we should pray- Dr. C helped us in our ignorance when we didn't know what to pray. She blessed us with her knowledge and expertise and asked God for specifics. Un. Believable.

Half naked with my legs in the air my sweet doctor told me "think implanting thoughts".. She placed two eggs while Trey was in the cold, sterile room with me holding my hand and nervously chanting.."Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."

"When you don't know what to say, just say Jesus"- 7eventh Time Down

Friday, January 23, 2015

Post Haste

Life has so quickly turned from long blog posts to short status updates to even shorter hashtags. Internet sharing has changed violently since the days of Xanga and MySpace. So many talented writers and bloggers and famous Instagram pics to follow-and everyone's story is unique. Perspective, however clouded, has always fascinated me. If I tell MY story from MY perspective I am only held accountable by MY own thoughts and feelings. I have found that in shared experiences there is healing. I have been helped and healed by reading the thoughts and feelings of others- and of course brought to truth- but that is for another day.

Also, I think it would be cool for my kids to be able to read this someday.

Here's hoping that my experience lends itself to a different perspective.
Pretty deep for someone who has to find time to write in between nap times (mine and the twins') eh?

Now, we just pray. For though He has given me a story- He only knows if I will have the ability to share it well.

Peace and love for tonight. xoxo