Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ministry of Me 2

If you have grown up in church (or have ever been) you may or may not have heard the term "The ministry of Me Too."

When I first heard it- I knew that it was MY ministry. The best way that I can relate to others is by relating what they are going through to what I have been through. 
I have had a good life but with enough "near misses" that I am impacted by my experiences in a communicative way. I have experienced loss and sickness and grief and tragedy and unfairness just enough that through His glory- I can talk about it openly and honestly and help other people not feel so alone when they are going through the same thing. 

There are some bad things that happen that have no answers or explanation. Those are the times when we have to reach down deep inside of ourselves and recognize that while this sucks, it just opens us up to more opportunity to love on others who will go through the same thing. We all need each other in a very corny Boy Meets World way that a lot of us aren't willing to admit yet. Don't worry hard hearted friends, you will get there. You will be ridiculously optimistic one day too, if you let yourself. 

The thing about God is...if in His infinite wisdom He created the earth and its people and creatures and minds then I am almost positive He can handle my shenanigans. C'mon, little ole me?!!?? There's nothing going on with me that is too big for Him! And when it's done going on I will either let it create cynicism in me OR I will apply it for future use in my Ministry of Me Too. 

The point? We are entrenched in information daily and we all know at least one over sharer. If you're feeling like sharing join the Ministry of Me Too and touch someone's heart. 

No one should feel alone or ashamed, we all have junk. The end. 

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