Thursday, July 28, 2016


Welp. I'm back. It's "Take 6" and I'm not even sure if I will get to the end of this one and hit the ever elusive publish. I haven't been able to finish a blog in over a month. It's not writer's block- it's just gibberish. Mostly after pasting it all together this morning I realize that it really IS just a bunch of existential crap all of which had my eyes focused in the wrong direction. There are so many people, bloggers, geniuses and idiots- all writing about politics and the inevitable fall of I? I shall write about MY life. There isn't any one else who could do that, so at least it is original..if even a little boring.

34. Here I am in my 35th year technically...My analytical nature brings me great peace in the mini-wisdom that my mistakes and circumstances have afforded me. I see you making that same mistake and I stand with you. I don't stand in agreement with you and I know this won't turn out well, but I stand here nonetheless. Sometimes my spirit SCREAMS so loud.."What in FRESH HELL are you DOING?!!" but my sweet Holy Spirit quiets me, silences me and forces me to keep standing. So that's pretty much how the whole situation with me and Jesus is. He's pretty much the Whole Deal, the Real Deal- for me anyway- all the time.

The best part. My Family. The one I chose and that chose me. The Scalfs. My littles..well more like mediums. The flesh of my flesh walks around here everyday making everyone's day a whole lot brighter. One with her stunningly steel blue eyes (they remind me muchly of my cousin Tai's) and the other one with a whole-face-smile that doesn't quit.

They are really into breaking down their daddy and I by calling us "Tata" and "Trey" #notcoolkid #notcool They call every drink "milk" and their favorite game as of late is..."Guess who's coming over?" to which they go down the list of their faves to guess the visitor. We hear a lot of sentences coming from those little mouths but the most common is probably "Where's Lovie?". My new favorite of course is "hode jew" This means HOLD YOU. They kill me with this. My back kills me with this when I'm alone with them and both babies are all "hode jew Mama" #forthelove But I almost NEVER say "no". Babies don't keep and all that. Signs they know: SORRY, ILY, PLEASE,THANK YOU, MILK, ORANGE, FINISHED, DRINK, BANANA, WASH, BATH, TOOTHBRUSH..Not too bad for kids of a signer. I'm working on it.

Here are some recent sneaks at a sesh with Dru and Roxy.

Pictured: Dembabies and Lovies