Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Today I find out if I'm equipped to take my twin 1.5 year olds two hours out of the time zone and live to enjoy telling about it. Chances are, no matter the hassle- there's always the dazzle.

Trey and I love to try new foods, local places and random adventures. Sometimes there is sand, sometimes there's mountains but there is always sweet memories- and some...we can just leave those at the airport. Sidenote: Often times the airport can be the absolute most stressful CRAP place ever. And sometimes? It just takes me away like Calgon. (Not in the last 1.5 years)

I am not complaining. I have only been on one trip without my babes and I enjoyed EVERY second of it. When they are with me though- I feel full. It's a LOT of work. I am having a serious momager moment and not remembering if I have told you my favorite quote about traveling before. If I have- swell- you'll hear it again!

Modern Family- There is a scene when the whole family is arriving to their resort in Hawaii.
I am going to loosely translate.
Phil- Come on!  Let's turn this vacation into a honeymoon.
Claire- Honey I am a mom here with her kids, this isn't a vacation. It's a business trip. like. for real.

Anyway, I try to be less business and more pleasure and the things I do that make that easier are:

1. Air BNB or VRBO. If you travel ever and have kids, this is the way to go. There just aren't the amenities in a hotel that a family needs. You never know if you're going to have to whip up a dinner or breakfast- and it's hard to travel to hotels with a tiny little fridge. I need things in there to keep these campers happy or things can get cray! Also, the separate bedrooms are a must. My kids go to bed at 7-8pm no matter what/where/who/how. I don't want to sneak around a one bedroom hotel room after they go to bed. If we are in a home, then we just hang out, like at home! this all seems very redundant.  You can find almost anything to fit your budget and you can spend more or less than you would on a hotel.

2. Pack and plays. I bring two. My kids won't sleep if they are in the same one. Some twins share sweet cuddles and sweaty pillow face. Mine share throwing each other's lovies out of the crib and kicking each other in the ribs/face/back. So- two it is. Also, things that smell like home that go IN the pack and play. I bring freshly washed sheets, blankets and lovies for the whole trip and keep them in the suitcase until they're needed. Theydie.

3. Other travel adds: We bring our stroller. Today, we brought our stroller and forgot about it at baggage claim along with our 3 suitcases, 2 car seats and 2 pack and plays. So..we went to pick up our rental car and proceeded to get lost for an hour trying to get BACK into the airport-to get the stroller.  The moral of the story? There isn't one. Don't be an idiot and forget your stroller in the first place.

4. Unpack and rest the first day. That's what I'm doing. See y'all on the flip!

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