Sunday, May 8, 2016

HMD Musings

My Mama. She's a complex character. I think about the timeline of events in her life told to my cousins and me by the throng of Aunts that fill our backyards for random celebrations. Each sibling brings something profound to the mix of years gone by. Different perspectives litter the stories we are each told by our respective parent.
I can look back and see how different life was for my mom and her siblings. In some ways our world has become fierce- but there are also things that our parents saw and experienced that we will never be able to wrap our minds around. Think about the complexities of your own childhood and trying to put it in a square box with a big red bow. If it works like that, you're in the minority. 
My mom had me at 30. She wasn't expecting any more kids as she had almost 2 teenagers and BAM. Life changer. (That's me) I just want to honor her for being the fierce warrior that she is. She has been an incredible cheerleader and supporter to me in all my endeavors. Anything my mom cooks is the best thing I have ever tasted (that's pretty standard, no?) and she once talked me through replacing my washer's motor myself over the phone. She isn't a people pleaser and she's bold and I got both of those lovely traits from her. #thanksmom 
Bless her, she's best friends with my babies and I am LOVING every second of it. Thank you Mom. Happy Mother's Day. I love you exactly where you are for who you are.
I also want to give a significant Shout Out to moms of fur babies. Before I mothered those two nuts I was up for #dogmomoftheday once or twice. I love how FULL pets can make our lives and YOU loving on those babies is SO important. Happy Mothers Day to you Furmamas.
One last thing, some people are hurting today.
A. #alllivesmatter like #allwomenmatter and #notjustmoms <--------- ya dig?
2. Moms whose kiddos have beat them to heaven, and kiddos whose moms await them there.
Finally, Want-to-be-a-moms. Their hearts ache to have and hold and love a little one.
I am thoughtfully lifting up your hurts and asking God to exchange them for JOY.
Big love to all the moms on mother's day- and to Dru and Roxy, who made me a mama, I'm the best I will ever be thanks to you (and Jesus). I love you so much.

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