Monday, March 28, 2016

Reflections (all the puns intended)

When the world feels heavy and you are down on yourself, remember who MADE you. Think of the way you look at the faces around you- in their imperfections you see love and if you look really hard you can sometimes see the reflection of their maker.

We want our children to reflect our values, just like God created us to reflect His.  (Genesis 1:27)
Things that we hold important we pass down to our children and even those things that we don't esteem- they grasp onto and adopt as their own. (Like sexism, racism, all the isms)

In our home we love Jesus first and foremost. We give of ourselves and anything we have with everything we have. We keep our family time sacred. We practice Self Care (massages, facials, pedicures, check up, meds, preventative care). We travel, a lot. We appreciate the things God and man have made all over the world. We respect and admire other cultures and we get our feet wet.  We set boundaries and limits that we are comfortable with and that have been prayerfully agreed upon in our marriage, in our parenting and in our relationships. We support the right for people to love whomever they choose and their right to enter into a covenant and contract with that person. We are feminists. We believe that everyone has a story and a right to their own sorrow. We understand that not everyone will like us and that we are not everyone's cup of tea. Not all of you are ours, but we will spend the rest of our lives making you believe that you ARE. We pray you all feel like you ARE our cup of tea....and that we love you. You will always be cherished and loved by us- because you are our people. Also, we are God's people and we were created in His image, whether you're in on it or not, so were you. 

These two messy faced babes, they were created by Him for Him and through Him...but He blessed ME to be their mama. He picked the sweetest and smartest man to be their daddy and he picked an amazing village to rally around them as they grow. That's you people. 

I look into their eyes... and I know I see myself and my husband in each of them, sometimes quite literally. It's the best reminder to keep living out the life for which I was created, even if my face gets messy in the process. 

#besteasterever #allthemessyfaces

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