Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We're No. 1! We're No. 1!

Snaps to all my peeps for a great party for #dembabies numero uno. *snapping* The attendance was on point, the laughs were in abundance and the sweets were everywhere! My two Scalf-mates were in a great mood and loved digging into their "1" cakes made by their Cookie. While they couldn't have cared less about gifts, every single one was thoughtful and wonderful and saved Trey and I thousands of dollars in possible toy purchases. If we ever go to the store they won't be able to ask for toys, they already have it all.

Today is one of those beloved heavenly days when we have our nanny. We don't have her full time anymore because the babies are pretty much a breeze- but we entertain and have other family and errands to run- etc so it's nice to have her here a couple days a week to help wherever needed. I mean, whereEVER needed. This angel cleans my children's playroom meticulously. She keeps them fed and changed and clean and happy and I could not have done this past year without her. She has blessed my family in so many ways I can't even begin to list it all here..Her family named her Evelyn, but to us- she's Tia. Dru tries really hard to say her name, he's already pronouncing the "t".  Reminds me of how easy it was to teach babies that I was around all the time to call me Tata. #suckas Roxanne has started in on the "s". I think she wants to say "Sossy". Welcome back from that rabbit hole. So you see what Tia has had to deal with over the last year. I'm not the easiest person to get along with, but I'm close. Tia is a strong contender. She came home and loved on my babies when I was fighting for my life in the hospital.
My best friend contacted me from my home where she was one of many (my mom, Cookie, Jerri) taking care of my babies on Tia's first day of work.
**Me: How's she doing? Gigi: You run a tight ship, she's keeping up.
That. was. everything. I was barely a mom and already running a tight ship!?!? Y E S!!
So that's how Jesus completely poured favor all over my family in the name of a nanny called Tia.

I know a lot of moms feel like the first year is a blur. It went by quickly, but I was sure to slow down and remember. Write memories on my heart, take in the moment, revel in the beauty of being a mom. There were days when I was busier than a cat covered in poop on a tin roof (thanks daddy) but then there was Jesus, and for me? He makes everything alright. Every little thing is going to be alright. Jesus is MY Bob Marley. Profound- I know.

So it's Fall and starting to get lovely outside. I'm trying not to mourn for the last year (like I really want to as a Mom) because I don't want to miss this part! Last year when sweatshirt season started I was weak. I could barely get up the stairs (not that anyone would let me) to get my babies' clothes brought down. This year the trick or treating and the leaves and the fires and the hoodies-it's so different. And I want to enjoy every bit of it with my sweet family.

**A summation. One could never share an exact replica of a conversation between myself and Jennifer Dooley.

1 Year photos coming next week....

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