Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Small dish 4 U

I desperately long for something meaningful to share with my people, but I am at a block. 

There is a season upon this house that is...thick.
Trey and I are digging in and being relationally more intentional with our friends and making time for our family-small last minute memories-while time slips painfully through our fingers. It takes with it happiness and fear and relief, but we are opened up for more experiences as parents, as friends, as husband and wife. That's just how time is, I guess. 

The Lord was relentless on our hearts about leading a bible study in our home. Looking back this was a decision we should have made long ago. But.... Jesus is patient and we now have a great group that we are just getting to do life with as it relates to our feelings and thoughts and prayers. Loving that. 

Our long to adventure is mixed with a deep love for our home-and the people in it. When we are gone as a family we enjoy every exposure to the new and remain grateful for our opportunity and for the beauty that God has hidden all over. When we are in Colorado his mountains scream with His favor. Driving home through middle America-ish where the hills carry out the grass to the sky and the oil rigs look like postcard pictures. I am so enjoying this life with my family. I am loving giving the twins exposure to the world, but I especially love being able to guard them from the bad stuff (ohhhhh but when they get older...#jesustakethewheel). 

Zooming out, there are many in our lives who hurt and we hurt with them. There are many in our lives who rejoice and we follow suit. Still so many to find peace, so we just pray. 

Zooming in. My babies. Almost a year. Not many things I would do over if I had it do all over again. I bet I'm super lucky just to be able to say that. 

I'm sure a very momming, bragging, emo sesh is on its way, but for now- we rest. 

Loving you all the times. 

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