Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Solo 3:4 for my anniversary

When I met him I was working as an interpreter in an elementary school and he was a parent of a student. We were easy acquaintances and the conversation was effortless. He was married, I was in a relationship and time marched on. 

When I met him again he was a single man. He looked different and it felt different. He pursued and wooed. He showed up and shored up.

When we were dating Trey would show up at my house in the morning before work and wake me with a Starbucks drink-o-the-day. This happened on the reg. When we went out on dates he opened my car door, pulled out my chair and treated me like a queen. (He still does this. Chivalry is not dead...usually)

When he proposed on that stage in that foreign country I knew I had hit the jackpot. We have the best time together and everything was exactly as it should be. The faster we both ran toward God the easier the relationship became. In our ultimate decision to "elope" before the actual wedding we were blessed. We were blessed by taking an obedient step and went on to have an amazing wedding. 
I'm an optimist- never needed a fairy tale- but this prince of mine landed right in my lap when I least expected it. 

When biology, science, genetics and hormones came into play last year- I almost died. I was too sick to admire the incredible bouquet that my husband had sent for our 2 year anniversary. I made it once to the living room to admire them. I sat down and wept. I wasn't sure if I would see our 3 year anniversary. I didn't know what was happening at the time- but I knew it wasn't good. Still he found time in the middle of our chaos to bless me, honor me, cherish me and pray over me. 

When people told me I would fall more in love with him seeing him be a daddy, I balked. No way I could fall more in love with him. He's my person, my lobster, all the other sickening things that can't be taken apart, that's us. HOLY FLIPPIN WOW. You people were right. Seeing him be a daddy is the best gift that God gives me on the daily. I fall more in love with him every day and I see his sweet spirit in my children and that makes me love them even more- which is barely possible. 

When you have twins people are full of stories- about half horror. I walk in positivity and light and my feet are led by Jesus so it didn't affect me much. I got a lot of warnings and advice and more advice and warnings. What I didn't hear was how amazing it is being a twin mom because of the extra time spent with the hubs. Any decent twin dad isn't going to sit back and let the mom do double the work if he's available to help. Trey has come up beside me and gotten his hands dirty time and time again. I am honored to parent with him- not only to #dembabies but also to Sam and Max. 

Life has been so good to me. I have a wonderful family and I married the man that was made for me. Together we are unstoppable. We love each other so fiercely that our cups are so full and overflowing that it affects everyone we meet- and that's awesome. #alsoJesus

Happy Anniversary Trey.

Lovingly: Bombay
Bad behavingly: Terry
Not listeningly: Taylor
Inappropriately: Tory
Recently: Sugar

I love you the whole much.

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