Friday, July 3, 2015

KW all day, every day.

When my husband told me we would be spending most of July in Key West I was elated. Then my momager kicked in. How in the heck am I going to fit everything I need to run my household of twin-dom in a less than 50lb suitcase? *and he laughed and laughed

There are certain things that make life with 2 babies run very smoothly. Car seats, stroller, high-chairs, toys, books, clothes, food, diapers, the know how I feel about lists. We are super tight, me and lists, so I will spare you. In order for me to bring everything that would create harmony in #dembabies and my existence I decided the best thing for us to do would be to drive to Destin (about halfway**) stay a night or two then finish the rest of the trip to Key West. Trey and the boys will meet us here by plane this weekend and we will all reunite happily (because I have all of the V important things.) The first day of driving went by quickly. I have a great nanny who spent most of the time on the floor of the car between two captain seats tending to or entertaining the babies. We had zero meltdowns-it was unbelievable. Every 3 hours I would stop, fill up, change babies and go to the bathroom. We had a routine that made it all go very smoothly and quickly so we could get back on the road.

Denton, Texas USA
Rest Stop Stretch

We stayed in Mirimar Beach and ended up visiting Seaside*** for the day to get some beach action. In true Florida fashion we were rushed from the beach by a wall cloud bringing wind and rain but before we got back to the hotel the sun was shining and the clouds were gone. We were on the road by 6:15 the next morning headed for Key West.

Dedicated Nanny

Dinner at Harbor Docks

Seaside, Florida

June 30th. They both waved for the first time and Dru said "bye bye"

Listen, I'll take the good with the bad and driving through Florida that is just what I did. 
The good: the speed limit most of the time was 70. 
The bad: I NEVER had cash for the tolls (because I'm dumb and can't read or pay attention to TOLL signs-I know. Just don't.) and probably ran a few. *** 
The good: I used the app Waze which is a great way to not get a ticket if you're going over the limit and alerts you of road conditions ext. 
The Bad: I think I was brainwashed by the VERY intrusive and fear based advertisements that the state of Florida have on what seemed like every empty billboard. Just yikes. 
The good: We got to listen to all my mixed CD's from my 20's. 
The bad: poor Tia. 
The good: I brought DVDs for the babies to watch in their mirrors (they are rear facing and my car has built in players) or for me to listen to movies for my own time suckage. 
The bad: The sound of the load we tied to the top of the car was about 50dB louder than the highest I could get the player to go so I could barely hear it. 

So much time on the road to reflect and talk to God. Listen and sing and smile and remember. That's what road trips are for anyway, right? To look thoughtfully into the world you've never seen and think new things and think of old things and just take it all in. Unless you're driving. Hands on the wheel- eyes on the road. One thing I did do was this..I rewrote memories. I listened to songs that were instrumental in all parts of my life. (See what I did there?) I would listen to that group of songs from so long ago and I would remember that time and who I was. I would appreciate that season for what it was and the wisdom I gathered from it and then I would tape over it with my new now. I rewrote the hardest of times, some caused by myself. Ok, most caused by myself. It was so cute how I used to think I was going to come up with a better plan for myself than what God had for me. I was naive, cruel, wrong and every time in the years passed that those songs would come on I would associate them. C'mon Trisha Yearwood peeps, the Song Remembers When-amirite?
So now when those songs come on I will think of cruising down the highway with my greatest gifts in the backseat, cruising my way to one of my favorite places in the world to wait for the most precious man I have ever known to join me. 
Our Key West Casa

#dembabies gettin it on Duval St. 

Electric Cars

*Bless my husband's guts- he pays an overage for my overweight luggage. Every. Single. Time.
**Halfway's ass. 
***Seaside, Florida- It is just past Destin. Very family oriented. Great food, beautiful beach. Run don't walk. 
**** More or less. 

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