Tuesday, May 12, 2015

To All the Girls I've Hugged Before

This is about girl power. Hard core, we've seen some stuff, we've been through some ish, deep pain, cries of soul wrenching hurt- solidarity. 

The population of our world differs in ridiculous ways but in one way we are all the same- pain. We all hurt. We feel and we react and we respond and we deal. 

I have hugged a thousand necks in my lifetime.
I have hugged the necks of mamas who have lost their babies, of women who have lost their husbands. I have squeezed the shoulders of girls who have lost their parents and women who were violated by men. I have ugly cried with girl-friends who have been hurt, broken and shamed by the world or their enemy or themselves. I have comforted those who have been hurt... by me.  
We all hurt. We ache. We writhe. Pain isn't prejudiced. No one is exempt. 

There is good news here. We can all have empathy for a friend in pain because we have all experienced it. When your people need you, rally. When your friend's heart is broken, push through. When your family is estranged, forgive. We need each other! The pure comfort that comes from knowing someone else has experienced your hurt is unequivocal. 
Death, childbirth, heartbreak, rejection, addiction, sickness..you can relate! Suck it up, share your story and relate. 

We were created to build each other up, dig each other out and walk strong with our people!! Find out who your people are and show some real compassion. I have hugged a thousand necks and as Jesus is my heavenly leader- HIS people are my earthly comfort. 

This is about girl power. Who have you hugged lately?

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