Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We made it! HBD #2

Three whole months since I have made a declaration into the blogosphere. Ohhh I have started many an entries and haven't finished a one. This one, I will.

Two years since I became a twin mom to Dru and Roxy. It's such an inclusive little group within a sometimes snooty group [moms] but I love the support this momtourage comes with, like woah.

To me being a twin mom is easier than being a mom of two babies, or two in diapers, who are several months apart. Things change drastically, sometimes dramatically, when babies are babies. You don't want one on baby food and the other on solids, what a disaster...

I want to say this and you can be for me or against me- but I have rocked this twin mom thing. I have two kids who say please and thank you and about a thousand other words. They know who their Heavenly Father is and they know how to pray. They know how to worship. They know how to apologize and show forgiveness. They understand second chances and what it looks like to blow it. They understand the encouragement of patting a friend on the back and they have the servant's heart to bring their Pop Pop the paper every morning. Being a twin means innately desiring to share. There isn't one thing that one baby (stop it, they will always be babies) gets that he/she doesn't immediately turn and ask for their sibling the like. It has been such an incredible journey. The first time they kissed me on the lips, the first time they held my hand-just because, the first time they said "I love you", when we are alone in the car and I sneeze and I have two "God bless you, Mommy!"- I mean are you for real? I would do this a thousand times over the exact same way..except for the part where my ticker gave out, but everything else has been a blast. Truly. The babies have seem some incredible places and visited some spectacular sites but the best part of it all was just being with them almost every second and taking in, breathing in the best part of them every day, so that I can always remember.

Thank you to those who have helped Trey and I on this journey of twin-dom. Some of you we couldn't have done it without. BIG BIG HUGE shoutout to the two sitters and the grammas. I absolutely could not have done ANYthing (literally) without you. I put my whole trust of my whole heart in your arms- thank you for loving them like you do. They love you right back.

Here's just a few from the last few months..

 This pretty much sums up their relationship.
 Lovies for life.
 boo boos and thumb sucking
Happy Birthday #2, Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

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