Thursday, December 3, 2015

Quick ramblings in Dec

Every night when I climb into bed I think, "I have never been this tired in my life. There is no way I am going to rejuvenate by tomorrow. So done. Well done. Burnt even." and then.....if all goes well overnight I wake up in the morning with the sun or the rain and feel like I can go on one more day.

...said every mom, every day, ever.

I stay prayerful for peace in the world but know that with so many polarizing ideals- it's just not gonna. I focus on peace at home first, mostly- peace within. I find that in Jesus (obvi-). I'm a realist and a Jesus lover and a liberal and an optimist. and I'm super into labels. Sidenote: Labels don't put things in a box for me, it's just a good way of taking bullet points on life. It helps with the recall and it also helps that I never expect for someone to stay inside of their label box. Let it all hang out,Loves!

The troubling times are no surprise are they? Just keep looking out for those do-gooders like Mr. Rogers said and be one of them too. Help someone this holiday season. Adopt an angel, bless a family with a Christmas budget if you can- pay for the person behind you in line at the Drive Thru. These things give me hope. Amidst the chaos of violence and hate and crime and pain is something still so pure and good and righteous- it's love. 

Things are changing every day in the Scalf household- stay tuned for more vetted out shenanigans. 

Here's some hope and a smile. 


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