Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy Half BD to #dembabies

I operate somewhere between complete calm and total, complete, calculated chaos. I don't let much fly under the radar in my home but I have lots of grace. A tired mom NEEDS lots of grace.

Today is the baby's half birthday. Six months of pure success and I can't wait for more! more! more!  I try to be an educated parent in the way of educated, diplomatic parenting- but I also just want to raise my kids to be like Jesus. I want them to see someone hurting and hurt with them, see someone laughing and smile because they are happy..most of all? I just want them to BE happy and KNOW where their destiny lies.  I try to speak life into Dru and Roxy everyday. I tell them who they are because of who God says they are. They are loving, peaceful, faithful, joyful, good, gentle, patient, kind and have self control. The more I speak that into them the sooner they will know who they are. I just want them to be like Jesus.

Some 6 month stats??

Dru- Mr. Brown eyes (they changed!) has 2 lower teeth, almost rolls over from back to front but is totally uninterested in rolling from front to back, LOVES to jump jump jump in his jumper toy contraption, coos and gurgles and laughs and recently learned to spit. He sits in the Bumbo but isn't quite into sitting up on his own just yet. He eats everything in sight (all the fruits and veggies) and anything mushed up from our dinner plate. During meals we can't feed him fast enough. Dru literally has a 4:1 ratio on Roxy for spooning in. Dru longest sleep is a 12 hour stretch and requires a good cuddle prior to and after said sleep.

Roxy-No teeth just yet, rolls over from front to back, loves to chill in her exersaucer and watch her Brubby go crazy with the jumping. Roxy's main activity comes from talking. (She's my girl!) She has found her voice along with every octave imaginable and zero volume control- I love this. She is loud and proud and I wouldn't have it any other way. She JUST laughed for the first time at me yesterday. She has been happy cooing for a while but no real giggle. Yesterday was a real treat and she laughed at me! I think I was happier than she was! Roxy eats everything but is much slower in pace than her brother. She is not a fan of green beans but open to pretty much everything else green and all the rest of the fruits and veggies. Roxy's longest sleep is about 10 hour but she takes longer naps during the day. Both babies are taking about 3 naps a day that range from 1.5-4 hours in length. <---SHUT UP, I KNOW!! Roxy has the bluest baby blues and the fairest of skin- so pretty- and she's starting to grow hair!!

So- that's #dembabies in a nutshell. More to come about our trip to Punta Cana and my tips for traveling with babies.

Peace and love my friends!!

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