Monday, February 9, 2015

VD in LV

My current situation is that I'm wild about hashtags. It all started a whole pregnancy ago when I started really growing and started referring to my belly in 3rd person. It was dubbed #datbelly and that led to #dembabies and then the subtle yet obvious takeover of the entire interwebs with our incessant hash tagging of my twins and their daily lives. I can't help it! I prayed for years for these babies and I have family all over the continent and duh, they must be seen! Everything before now wasn't stupid, but it didn't have the effect on me that decisions do now. Holy responsibility Batman!

We are going to Las Vegas this week and the packing and planning is reee-diculous. Right up my alley with all the lists and tetris grade packing of the silly things that make life so much easier. Onward and upward. We are looking forward to the babies' first big trip on a plane and taking on Sin City for VD.

Big love to you all.

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