Friday, January 23, 2015

Post Haste

Life has so quickly turned from long blog posts to short status updates to even shorter hashtags. Internet sharing has changed violently since the days of Xanga and MySpace. So many talented writers and bloggers and famous Instagram pics to follow-and everyone's story is unique. Perspective, however clouded, has always fascinated me. If I tell MY story from MY perspective I am only held accountable by MY own thoughts and feelings. I have found that in shared experiences there is healing. I have been helped and healed by reading the thoughts and feelings of others- and of course brought to truth- but that is for another day.

Also, I think it would be cool for my kids to be able to read this someday.

Here's hoping that my experience lends itself to a different perspective.
Pretty deep for someone who has to find time to write in between nap times (mine and the twins') eh?

Now, we just pray. For though He has given me a story- He only knows if I will have the ability to share it well.

Peace and love for tonight. xoxo

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  1. Beautiful, inspiring, preciously amazing YOU :) Love you sis💜